General Outdoor Risks and the Dan River
  • Outdoor activities have inherent risks and can become dangerous very quickly, especially if water is involved. Be aware of your surroundings and know your physical limitations.
  • Diving from tubes into the river is not recommended. The river is shallow and the river bed is muddy and full of large rocks just below the surface, a few feet.
  • Due to safety concerns, we do not allow pets on any type of river adventure.
  • When you are out on the river, you will be responsible for yourself and children. Steer clear of river debris and wildlife. Do not grab onto trees or other stationary objects in the river.
  • You will be given instructions before you enter the river about what to look out for and where to get out of the river.
  • Do not assume or rely on mobile phone service while on the river. If you have an emergency, take the proper steps to try and address the situation, then try to call our office (336) 427-8530 or 911.
  • We do not recommend tubing if you have neck / back problems or trouble sitting for long periods of time (>2 hours).
  • If you are pregnant, it is safe to tube, but you will have to decide your physical ability level to get in and out of the tube. It is possible to get flipped out of the tube and have to get back in.
  • The Dan River is a natural waterway. There are no safety personnel or other resources available as you float down the river.