Dan River Adventures Will Open May 15th 2021 for Spring & Summer!
Make Your Reservations Starting April 15th 2021.
Kayak / Canoe Rental Pricing

Kayaks – $35 (your choice of kayak based on availability)

Canoes – $60

Canoe or Kayak Shuttle Service – We will shuttle your canoe or kayak to the public river access point. Shuttle service coincides with the below schedule. Shuttle service is $20 per vessel. You must reserve a shuttle ride, just like a tubing / canoe or kayak rental.

Email us at: tubethedan@gmail.com to schedule your canoe or kayak shuttle and we will call you to complete the reservation.

Canoe / kayak times are approximately 2 ~ 4 hours depending on river conditions.

To help keep us on schedule;

  • Download, sign and bring your waiver(s) with you.
  • Show up a minimum of 45 minutes early to check-in and turn in your waiver(s).
  • If you bring a cooler ensure it is the appropriate size to fit in the canoe or kayak and it is packed and ready to go when you arrive. Please bring it to the check-in area so we can prepare it for loading onto the trailer.
  • If you plan to rent one of our coolers, bring everything to the check-in area as soon as possible, so we can prepare your cooler.

River Adventure Hours of Operation – Wednesday thru Sunday (Closed Monday and Tuesday)

Tubing / Kayaking / Canoeing Adventure Time Slots

Wednesday & Thursday – Shuttle buses leave:

11:00AM / 12:30PM and 2:00PM. Last shuttle bus leaves at 2:00PM.

Friday thru Sunday – Shuttle buses leave:

9:30AM / 11:00AM / 12:30PM and 2:00PM. Last shuttle bus leaves at 2:00PM.

Due to the nature of the Dan River in this area, it is almost impossible to stop on or along the river or river banks. The current is slow but very strong. If you are in the water, you will get carried along by the current so all day tubing adventures or extended float times are not available.

In addition, the river bank(s) in this area are not state parks or public land, almost the entire river bank is private property between the 704 Bridge and Dan River Campground and River Adventures property.

Our Last Shuttle Bus Departs At 2:00PM To Take The Last Group Of People Tubing / Kayaking / Canoeing For The Day

Discovery 158

This is a great canoe on the Dan River. Very stable and great handling. There is plenty of room for a third person or large cooler.

Weight capacity – 1100lbs.

Daytripper / Sit in

The Daytripper is roomy and comfortable. A good intermediate kayak, wide and stable.

Weight capacity – 300lbs.

Dimension Cricket / Sit on top

Fun on the water is the name of the game. That’s exactly what you get with the Dimension Cricket sit-on-top kayak made especially for kids or small adults. The low-profile, kid-friendly seat allows easy movement and more mobility. Easy to paddle and navigate.

Weight capacity – 230lbs.

Vapor 10 / Sit in

The Vapor offers a stable, yet efficient ride. Large and roomy, perfect for recreational paddlers, the Vapor is one of our most popular kayaks.

Weight capacity – 325lbs.

Otter / Sit in

Great beginner or intermediate kayak. Easy to handle and not too fast. Short and wide for good stability. Ample storage for small items.

Weight capacity – 275lbs.

Ripper 80 / Sit on top

At home on lakes and slow-moving rivers, the stable, quick and playful Ripper sit-on-top kayak lets you spend hours on the water in comfort.

Weight capacity – 225lbs.

Pescador 10 / Sit on top

Unmatched stability, speed, and straight-tracking performance make it fun for even new paddlers to explore lakes, ponds, and flat-water rivers. There is ample room for you and your gear.

Weight capacity – 325lbs.

Rental Policy

When you reserve / book a river adventure you are renting equipment from Dan River Adventures. You are responsible for the equipment until it is returned to us. Equipment may include; tubes, canoes, kayaks, paddles, coolers, tubes for cooler flotation or personal flotation devices (life vest). In the rare event a tube is punctured and deflates, it is your responsibility, if possible, to retain the tube and return it to us.

We understand that accidents happen and that the river is unpredictable. Damage to equipment due to negligence, cigarettes, tied together tubes, or sharp objects will be billed to individuals accordingly. Customers are responsible for getting the equipment out of the river and up to the top of the river access. Equipment left in the river that floats downstream is considered lost and the customer will be billed accordingly.