Reservations / Policies / Refunds

Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily waiving our cancellation fee(s). If you reserve a camp site and have to cancel due to a local / federal directive, we will waive the cancellation fee minus a $5 credit card processing fee. 
Reservations / Deposits / Refunds

Reservations are paid in full when you book online for 7 nights or less.  Reservations are partially refundable pending you cancel your reservation 10 days or more prior to your check-in date. The cancellation fee is $20. Cancellations 9 days or less are not eligible for a refund.

Reservations between 8 – 30 days, require a 50% deposit in order to reserve a campsite. Deposits are partially refundable pending you cancel your reservation 30 days or more prior to your check-in date. The cancellation fee is $40. Cancellations 29 days or less are not eligible for a refund. The deposit will apply directly to your balance upon arrival and the remainder of your balance will be due at check-in.

For certain holidays, we have a minimum 3 – night stay.  Reservations are partially refundable pending you cancel your reservation 10 days or more prior to your check-in date. The cancellation fee is $40. Cancellations 9 days or less from the first day of the holiday will not be eligible for a refund. No exceptions for weather. Our 2020 holidays include Spring Martinsville Races, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Fall Martinsville Race.

There are no refunds for inclimate weather.

To cancel a reservation, please call the office – (336) 427-8530

**We reserve the right to move or change your requested reservation and / or site for any reason and we will contact you if such action is required before the change is made.

Types Of RV’s / Campers Allowed At Dan River Campground

Safety is very important to us at Dan River Campground and River Adventures. Fire is always a hazard when living quarters are not built correctly and / or in accordance with modern manufacturing standards. Therefore, we do not allow the following;

  • Home made “campers, RV’s or other indoor  living shelters on wheels”.
  • Van’s, trucks,  buses or storage / animal trailers converted for use as a “indoor living shelter”.
  • All RV’s (travel trailers, fifth wheels, class A/B/C RV’s, truck campers, pop-ups, etc) must be or have been manufactured by an established RV manufacturer. This ensures that the RV was manufactured in accordance with and passed safety standards at the time of manufacture.
Campground Policies

Everyone entering the campground initially must stop at the office first.

Driving and Parking
Drive slowly, the speed limit is 10MPH coming into the campground and 5MPH in the campground. Drive on roads only. Park on gravel where possible.

Pets (Limit = 2) 
Dogs – All dogs need to be on a leash at all times while outside of your camper. Dog harnesses are preferred for all dog types. If you are tent camping, then dogs need to be on a leash and securely tethered so your dog cannot infringe on adjacent campsites. Dogs inside tents should remain on a leash and tethered so dogs cannot egress the tent. Dogs found roaming around the campground will incur an immediate vacate order from campground management. Excessive dog barking will not be tolerated. The owner of barking dogs will be given one notice. Subsequent dog barking will result in being asked to leave the campground.  Do not tie dogs to trees or where they can damage trees or other foliage. German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pitbull or other potentially aggressive breeds or aggressive behavior, in general, is not allowed. Please clean up after your dog. If you do not pick up after your pet, you will be asked to leave the campground. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or in the bathhouse. Shot records should be up to date and proof of record must be brought with you to the campground.

Cats – While we  love all types of animals, we do not allow cats in or on the campground unless they are strictly indoor pets. Outdoor cats are a hazard to themselves and with the natural setting of the campground, there are a lot of predators that may mistake your cat for part of the food chain. In addition, outdoor cats jump on cars and trailers, which your neighbor may not appreciate. Lastly, outdoor cats have a bad habit of not picking up after themselves.

If you book online and you arrive with pets on our “not allowed” list, you will not be allowed to check-in and your reservation will be cancelled.

Check-In / Check-Out Times
Check-In: 1PM / Check-Out: 12PM

Please check-out promptly so other campers can check-in at the designated time.

Camping Rates
RV rates are based on 6 persons per site and a limit of 8 persons per site. Extra guests (up to the 8 person limit) are $6 per day.
Tent rates are based on 1 large tent or 2 medium size tents per site and 6 persons per site. Extra tents on sites are an additional $10 per tent per night . Please let us know if you plan to bring an additional tent as most of our sites are sized for single-family use and the tent site may not be large enough for additional tents.

Visitor Policy
Visitors are welcome for daytime visits. Visitor hours are 9AM-10PM. There is a maximum of 8 registered people per site and 2 visitors (10 total). Visitors are not allowed to bring pets. If you already have two vehicles at your site, Visitors should inquire where to park with the office. If your site has the maximum number of people (8), visitors are not allowed to spend the night and must depart by 10PM.

Everyone entering the campground must register at the office.

Fires are permitted in fire rings only. Collecting dead wood and other tree debris for your campfire is allowed, but do not cut live trees or bushes. Do not move fire rings directly under low hanging trees, branches or other combustible material such as awnings, etc.

Fishing in pond is catch and release only. Please remember to clean up your fishing spot (bait, boxes, and other trash ).


Smoking is not allowed in the restrooms. Restrooms are cleaned and tended to regularly. Please clean up after yourself and be considerate of the next camper. Items (soaps, clothes, etc) left in the bath house will be deemed abandoned and discarded by the staff.

At Dan River Campground our intention is to provide a natural, clean, safe environment so that everyone who visits can enjoy the outdoors whether that be participating in river activities, using the pool, playing games or just relaxing. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. Please respect fellow campers and our campground policies. Those of you who bring pets; we know pets are special, so please follow the pet policies so we can continue to allow pets in the campground.

Smokers please do not throw your butts on the campground premises. Ensure all cigarette butts are extinguished before throwing them into waste bins. There are cigarette butt sand pails at the bath house and pool entrance.

  • No wastewater should be let out or dumped on the ground, use the dump station.
  • Quiet hours are 11PM to 7AM. Children are to be with parents during quiet hours.
  • Radios / stereos are allowed inside your RV at low volume or outside at very low volume.
  • No generators, chainsaws or other lawn equipment are permitted.
  • Harm to property, trees, and wildlife is cause for eviction.
  • Management reserves the right to request anyone to vacate the campgrounds for unlawful or unruly behavior.
  • No firearms, fireworks, or explosives of any kind.
  • No washing cars or trailers at any time.
  • No rowdy or disorderly conduct will be tolerated.
  • No chemicals in holding tanks (use biodegradable products please).
  • Campground policies are enforced for the benefit of everyone and the integrity of the campground.
  • The campground policies are not limited to the above list. The campground reserves the right to notify campers of violations before action is taken.