Policies / Refunds

Reservations Booked For 7 Days Or Less: If you need to cancel a reservation (and receive a partial refund) the cancellation fee is one (1) night. The fee will be based on the least expensive night booked during your selected dates. You must notify us by email 10 days or more prior to your check-in date to be eligible for the refund.

Reservations Booked Between 8 And 29 Days: If you need to cancel a reservation (and receive a partial refund) the cancellation fee is two (2) nights. The fee will be based on the two (2) least expensive nights booked during your selected dates. You must notify us by email 14 days or more prior to your check-in date to be eligible for the refund.

Reservations 30 Days Or More: Monthly / seasonal camping, require a 50% deposit in order to reserve a campsite. The 50% deposit is non-refundable. Before you commit to a monthly campsite, please ensure your plans are well thought out.

Holidays & Special Events: Spring Martinsville Race, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day (4th Of July) Weekend, Labor Day Weekend and Fall Martinsville Race.

There are no refunds for inclement weather or early departure.

To cancel a reservation, please call the office (336) 427-8530

**We reserve the right to change your campsite in order to accommodate all campers. In some cases, you may be moved to a campsite with no sewer if you are staying 2 nights or less. We will attempt to notify you if such action is required before you arrive.

Types Of RV’s / Campers Allowed At Dan River Campground

Safety is very important to us at Dan River Campground. All RV’s that enter Dan River Campground property must be in good operating condition and aesthetically pleasing. In certain cases, we can “exempt” certain RV’s if they have been restored. Call to discuss an RV exemption. Fire is always a hazard when living quarters are not built correctly and / or in accordance with modern manufacturing standards. Therefore, we do not allow the following;

  • Home made “campers, RV’s or other indoor living shelters on wheels”.
  • Van’s, trucks, buses or storage / animal trailers converted for use as a “indoor living shelter”.
  • All RV’s (travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class A/B/C RV’s, truck campers, pop-ups, etc) must be or have been manufactured by an established RV manufacturer. This ensures that the RV was manufactured in accordance with and passed safety standards at the time of manufacture.
  • All campers, tow vehicles, vehicles and guest vehicles must have a valid tag & registration to enter the campground.

Check-In / Registration

Everyone entering the campground must stop at the office and register, including guests and vendors.

Check-In & Check-Out Times

Check-In (Monday ~ Saturday): 1PM until 7PM. Absolutely no check-in’s after 9PM.

Check-In (Sunday): 3PM until 7PM. Absolutely no check-in’s after 9PM.

Check-Out (Monday ~ Saturday): 12PM.

Check-Out (Sunday): 2PM.

Please check-out promptly, so other campers can check-in at the designated time.

Campers are not allowed to let in guests unless previously authorized by the office. Guests must check-in at the  office first.

When you depart the campground, drop your gate key card into the key drop box on the office door.

Camping Rates

RV rates are based on 6 persons per site and a limit of 8 persons per site. Extra guests (up to the 8 person limit) are $6 per day. Guests are defined as people who spend the night. There is no charge for day guests. A day guest is defined as someone who visits the campground between 9AM ~ 10PM.

Campground Policies

Note: Non-Compliance of Campground Policies will result in being evicted from the campground premises.

Driving / Parking – Please Read

Drive slowly. Speed limit is 10MPH coming up to the office. Speed limit in the campground is 5MPH. Drive on the main gravel roads only. Park cars in front of campers, as far off the main gravel road as possible. Our speed limits are strictly enforced for safety reasons. Due to most campers not adhering to the posted speed limits, we have changed our speed limit policy recently; when you check-in, you will be notified of the campground speed limits. This will be your only warning. If you or a family member or guest of the family is caught speeding, those particular individuals will be evicted from the campground. 

Maximum vehicles per site: 2

Vehicle maintenance is not permitted.

Construction vehicles and / or commercial vehicles are not permitted.


Fires are allowed in fire rings only

Do not place fire rings directly under low hanging branches of trees.

Do not burn aluminum cans, glass, plastic, trash or construction materials.

Do not throw cigarette butts into fire rings.

Smoking / Vaping

No smoking or vaping in the bath house or inside the fenced pool area.

Smokers do not throw your butts on the campground premises.

Do not throw your cigarette butts into the fire rings.

Ensure all cigarette butts are extinguished before throwing them into waste bins. There are cigarette butt sand pails at the bath house and pool entrance.


Fishing in the pond is catch and release only.

Please remember to clean up your fishing spot after you are through fishing (bait, tackle box, etc).


No smoking or vaping in restrooms.

No children under 10 years old allowed in the bath house without adult supervision.

No pets in the bath house.

Do not stand on toilets seats or the toilet itself.

Restrooms are cleaned and tended to regularly. Please clean up after yourself (sink, shower area, etc).

Pets (Dogs) – Limit is 2

Guests are not permitted to bring dogs to the campground. The volume of dogs is already at a peak with just about every camper bringing a dog (or two) with them. Please let your guest know this.

All dogs need to be on a leash and and physically restrained at all times while outside of your camper everywhere on the campground, including by the river and walking trails. Dog harnesses instead of a leash are preferred for all dog types. Do not leave your dog alone unattended inside your camper barking. This is considered a nuisance.

Dogs found roaming around the campground is a serious policy violation and the camper will be notified to vacate the campground immediately. Excessive dog barking will not be tolerated. The owner of barking dogs will be given one notice. Subsequent dog barking will result in being evicted from the campground.

Do not tie dogs to trees or where they can damage trees or other foliage.

Dog breeds not allowed: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pitbull/Pit Terriers, Siberian Husky, Doberman Pinscher, Chow, Dalmation, Dogo Argentinos, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bullmastiff. Although any dog breed can be aggressive, this lists represents the breeds that are the most naturally aggressive if not trained properly.

Clean up after your dog. Not picking up after your pet, will result in being evicted from the campground. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or in the bath house.

Aggressive acts by any dog will be means for pet removal. Pet owner will be responsible for removing the dog from the campground premises immediately.


While we love all types of animals, we do not allow cats in or on the campground unless they are strictly indoor pets. Outdoor cats are a hazard to themselves and with the natural setting of the campground, there are a lot of predators that may mistake your cat for part of the food chain. In addition, outdoor cats jump on cars and trailers, which your neighbor may not appreciate. Lastly, outdoor cats have a bad habit of not picking up after themselves.

Pets are not permitted in the pool area (within the fence) or bath house.

General Policies

No illegal drug substances allowed as defined by the state of North Carolina (smoked, inhaled, injected or ingested, this includes marijuana). These acts will result in policy violation and you will be told to vacate the premises immediately.

Dan River Campground is not responsible for moving personal property, RV’s, campers or trailers in the event of flooding, natural disasters or Acts of God.

Dan River Campground is not responsible for personal property damage which includes, but is not limited to; weather, falling trees, tree debris or acts from other campers.

Loud, rowdy, drunken behavior or disorderly conduct is not permitted. Anyone who is intoxicated and being disruptive has two options; going to bed early or being evicted from the campground. Alcoholic drinks in cans or bottles are not to be openly displayed on the campground premises except on your campsite. Please be mindful of other campers and their children when consuming alcohol.

Quiet hours are 10pm to 8am. Children are to be with parents during quiet hours. Please keep outside voices and conversations down during quiet hours.

Dan River Campground is not responsible for any type of theft. Secure and know where your belongings are.

Music is allowed outside, but it must be played at a low volume, so other campers can also play their music outside too. Please respect your fellow camper and work with each other so everyone has an enjoyable time while camping.

Electrical power generators, golf carts or ATV type vehicles are not permitted. If the campground loses power, generators may be used. This is the only exception for power generator use.

If you have some type of motorized cart or scooter for health issues, please let us know before you check-in.

Do not cut trees, bushes, etc. If something needs to be cut or pruned for camper clearance, please let the management know.

Damage to campground property is cause for eviction.

No firearms, fireworks or explosives of any kind are permitted on the campground premises. Having a concealed carry permit does not give you the right to have a firearm on our property. Our campground policies supercede your right to carry a firearm on our property. If you bring firearms, fireworks or explosives, of any kind, onto our campground property, you will be told to vacate the campground. No exceptions.

Washing cars or campers is not permitted.

Use only biodegradable products in your waste water tanks. We have a septic system and to prolong the life of it, we need your help to keep the system “healthy”.

Campground water pressure varies between 45psi ~ 65psi.


Parents shall watch their children (17 and younger) and be responsible for them. This campground is not a place where you come to camp and let your children run wild and you have no idea what they are doing, so you can take a break from being a parent. Campers with and without children camp here and it is prudent & responsible to know where and what your children are doing, at all times.

Children 10 and under must be supervised in the restrooms.

Teens & children under 18 must have a parent with them in the (fenced) pool area at all times.


Everyone MUST shower before entering the pool. There is an outdoor shower at the pool entrance. Not showering will result in loss of pool priviledges.

Read all signage around pool before entering pool area.

The pool does not have a life guard. Swim at own risk.


Registered campers (the person(s) who made the reservation) are responsibe for the behavior of visitors, guests and/or family members on the associated campsite. In addition, it is the registered campers responsibility to let visitors, guests and/or family members know the campground policies.

Guests are welcome for daytime visits. Visitor hours are 9AM-10PM. There is a maximum of 6 registered campers & 2 guests for a total of 8 people per site. Day guests are not allowed to bring pets. If you already have two vehicles at your site, Day guests should inquire where to park with the office. If your site has the maximum number of people (8), day guests are not allowed to spend the night and must depart by 9PM.

Dan River Campground reserves the right to evict anyone from the campground for policy violation(s) with or without a warning. There are no refunds if you are evicted.

Campground policies are enforced for the benefit of all campers and the integrity of the campground. The campground policies are not limited to the above list.