Tubing / Kayaking / Canoeing On The Dan River

Our new tubing river adventure route offers a longer float time and is more scenic.

River Adventure Launch Points

Our river adventures start at the Dan River public accesses in Rockingham County.

  • For tubing, we shuttle you to the 704 Bridge and you float back to Dan River Campground and River Adventures private river access. Approximate distance is 3.5 miles, 2-4 hours depending on river conditions.
  • For canoeing / kayaking, we shuttle you to Lindsey Bridge (also known as the brick yard) and you paddle back to Dan River Campground and River Adventures private river access. Approximate distance is 6 miles, 2-4 hours depending on river conditions.
  • As the summer approaches September, in general, the river slows down and becomes shallow. This increases the length of time of your river adventure.
Dan River Water Data At Pine Hall (Madison, NC)

Below is a link to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) site.

For tubing, we look at:

  • River flow (discharge, cubic feet per second) which should be below 600.
  • Height (gage height, feet) should be below 4 feet.
  • These parameters give you a nice easy float. If the discharge is too high (> 800, then the river runs high (gage height) and the the ride is fast and could become dangerous.
  • We reserve the right to not put you on the river depending on river conditions.


River Adventures During COVID-19 (Updated April 24th, 2020)

After the North Carolina “stay at home order” is lifted, we must still practice social distancing and awareness while out in public places. Since we use shuttle buses to take customers to the public river access points, we are implementing temporary measures to help maintain social distancing practices and hygiene per the CDC & Federal government guidelines. The safety of our staff and customers is first and foremost.

The following measures will apply to all river adventures this 2020 season:

  1. Reservations are recommended. We will try and accommodate walk-ins, but safety is our first priority while trying to get you out on the river for an adventure. Our capacity to take people to the public river access is limited, so there may be delays.
  2. New river adventure schedule / times; see below.
    • River Adventures begin May 15th
  3. Each person must wear a face mask when approaching or interacting with Dan River Adventure personnel. Face masks must also be worn on the shuttle buses until you arrive at the public river access point.
  4. Each person must sign a COVID-19 waiver form. This form holds harmless Dan River Campground and River Adventures for any flu-type illness, should you contract, after your river adventure.
  5. Each shuttle bus trip will consist of a single family unit (all living in the same household for at least the last 30 days). Roommates who share living space will be accepted under the family unit guidelines.
  6. If you have been sick with fever (or any flu type symptoms) in the last 30 days, you will not be allowed to board our shuttle bus.
  7. Shuttle buses will be limited to a maximum of 7 people per trip.
  8. Shuttle buses will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each trip. Tubes and equipment will also be cleaned and sanitized.

To help keep us on schedule;

  • Download, sign and bring your waiver(s) with you.
  • Show up a minimum of 30-45 minutes early to check-in and turn in your waiver(s).
  • If you bring a cooler ensure it is packed and ready to go when you arrive. Please bring it to the check-in area so we can prepare it for the river.
  • If you plan to rent one of our coolers, bring everything to the check-in area as soon as possible, so we can prepare your cooler for the river.

River Adventure Hours of Operation – Wednesday thru Sunday (Closed Monday and Tuesday)

  Tubing / Kayaking / Canoeing Adventure Time Slots

Wednesday thru Saturday – Shuttle buses leave every hour starting at 9AM. Last Shuttle bus leaves at 1PM.

Sunday – Shuttle buses leave every hour starting at 10AM. Last Shuttle bus leaves at 1PM.

Due to the nature of the Dan River in this area, it is almost impossible to stop on or along the river or river banks. The current is slow but very strong. If you are in the water, you will get carried along by the current so all day tubing adventures or extended float times are not available.

In addition, the river bank(s) in this area are not state parks or public land, almost the entire river bank is private property between the 704 Bridge and Dan River Campground and River Adventures property.

Our Last Shuttle Bus Departs At 1:00PM To Take The Last Group Of People Tubing / Kayaking / Canoeing For The Day

Groups 15 people or larger qualify for a 10% discount

Tube And Cooler Rental

Tube for your cooler – $5
Our cooler w/ tube –  $10 (We have small and medium size coolers, each $10)

Always plan to  bring your trash back with you including cigarette butts and please leave glass containers and Styrofoam cups and Styrofoam coolers at home.

A medium size hard side cooler with a hinged lid works best with our tubes and we can float coolers up to 48 quarts. We are not able to float lunchbox size coolers. Do not bring a Styrofoam cooler.

Pack individual lunch and snacks in Zip-Loc type bags. Brown paper bags are a poor choice on the river.

If you bring your keys, ensure you have a flotation device attached to them so your keys will float if they fall into the river.
Take only what you will wear in the river on the bus. In other words, if you don’t want it to get wet or tote it through the water, leave it behind.
Plan on bringing all of your trash and cigarette butts back with you. Don’t be a litter bug.

Information For Adventurous Tubers Who Put Themselves In At Lindsey Bridge or 704 Bridge Public River Access Points
  • Lindsey Bridge to 704 Bridge – 2.5 miles, 1-2 hours for canoes / kayaks, 2-4 hours for tubing, Class l
  • 704 Bridge to Settle Bridge – 8.5 miles, 3-5 hours for canoes / kayaks, 6-8 hours for tubing, Class l-ll

If you decide to use the Dan River public river accesses, you are not permitted to egress (i.e. get out of the river) the river at our private river access located on the Dan River Campground and River Adventure property. Our private river access is only for Dan River Campground campers or daily Dan River Adventure customers.

A private river access means;

  • It is not open to the public
  • If you put yourself in at Lindsey Bridge or 704 Bridge you cannot get out at our private river access. Settle Bridge is your next public river access take out point
  • If you egress the river at our private river access, you are trespassing
  • Trespassers will be promptly removed from the premises (In other words, you will be placed back into the river)