RV Camping

Get Better Acquainted with Our Campgrounds by Reserving A Spot for Your RV Season-Round

Sure you can save big bucks by driving around and staying in an RV during a cross country trip. But parking in an unsecured area that has no amenities to speak of can ruin your vacation. Plus, even avid globetrotters crave peace and stillness after long hours on the road.

Take advantage of our seasonal RV campgrounds right here in Dan River Campground and relax in comfort with all of the basic necessities of home.

We offer competitive rates which make permanent RVing that much more affordable and feasible. We understand that RVing may not be a stable home without the amenities that make a home, home sweet home. For that reason, and to ensure our campers remain comfortable on our campgrounds, we offer a number of full and partial amenities as per your needs.

This includes water, electricity and sewage which you can take advantage of as per your budget and scale. Many of our campsites are rented out by return guests who come each year to our beautiful monthly RV campgrounds. Join them and become part of the Dan River Campground family!

Why You Should Choose To Rent A Monthly RV Rental Site?

A monthly RV campground is basically a plot of land in our campgrounds where you can park your RV. Think of it as renting the space of a room that you already own. We provide access to a variety of sites that are chosen specifically to accommodate RVs of all shapes and sizes. Just pay a monthly rental fee and park your vehicle on the same spot every time if you wish.

Here are some of the benefits regarding why you should consider monthly RV camping:

Save money! – A hotel room can set you back hundreds of dollars and we are talking just a few days here. The costs will also add up quickly especially if you stay for more than a week. RV camping is way more cost efficient in comparison. Use those savings to enjoy the amenities and activities you need to make your camping trip unforgettable.

A pitstop with all of the luxuries of home – If you crave more than just a week-long excursion just rent a spot for a month for your RV in our campgrounds, stay for a longer adventure. Whether you want to go on a cross country trip or a business trip, avail our campgrounds for a comfortable stay.

So if you are planning an extended trip, we urge you to make a reservation with us as soon as possible. Extended campground sites are snatched up quickly. By calling early, you can grab your favorite spot and enjoy your trip on your terms.