To Check Campsite Pricing & Amenities; Select Your Dates & Click “View Your Campsite”.
** Please Read The Following If You Think The Page Is Not Working**  If you select a date(s) and no campsites are available, you will be brought back to this page and no campsites will be shown. This means we are fully booked (no vacancy) for the date(s) you have selected. The online-reservation system is “real-time”, so if a campsite is available, it will be shown. 
** Please Note: Due to an overwhelming response to camp, please review our cancellation / refund policy BEFORE booking a campsite.  If you have to cancel, we strictly adhere to our cancellation policy. We DO NOT offer or give refunds, nor do we give refunds for early departure. 

***** Among all of our campground policies, the SPEED LIMIT appears to be the one almost everyone will not adhere to. The campground speed limit is in place for safety, which we take very seriously. Speed limit signs are posted all over the campground entrance and campground proper.  When you check-in, you will be warned about the speed limits. This is the only warning you will get. Speed violations will result in being told to vacate the premises immediately. ***** We suggest you tell all family and or guests, who may visit, to adhere to all posted speed limit signs. 

Arrival Time: Check-in is between 1PM and 7PM. If you are going to check-in between 7PM and 9PM, YOU MUST CALL US to coordinate this late check-in so someone can be at the campground office. We try and have all campers checked in by 7PM. However, we know this is not always possible. No check-in’s after 9PM. No Exceptions.

Early Check-In (10AM ~ 1PM): If the campsite is available, you can check-in early without paying an extra fee.  However, early check-in is an exception, not the rule. Please call to discuss an early check-in.

Limited Tent Camping  – Tent camping is only available on campsites designated for tent camping and there are only two (2) tent camping sites available at our campground at any given time.

Tent Camping IS NOT allowed on RV campsites. If you will be camping in an RV and you want to pitch a tent on your RV campsite for kids, please call and ask if there is enough room on your chosen campsite. Not all RV campsites have enough space for tents. You cannot book a tent campsite online, you have to email or call us first, then we will book the campsite for you. To inquire about tent camping or book a reservation for tent camping, please send an email to:

Check-In: Monday ~ Saturday – After 1PM / Check-In: Sunday – After 3PM
Check-Out: Monday ~ Saturday – Before 12PM / Check-Out: Sunday – Before 2PM
Online Camping Reservations
  • Rates are based on 6 people per site. Extra guests are $6 per day per site. All sites have a 8 person limit.  If you have more than 6 people in your camping party (per site), you can pay for the extra guest(s) when you check in at the office.
  • We DO NOT allow people to book a campsite and sleep in your vehicle. You must have a tent or a class of RV, such as; Class A, Class B (camper van), Class C, travel trailer, 5th wheel, etc. A van or SUV with a mattress or sleeping bag IS NOT allowed. 
  • We DO NOT allow golf carts or any other type of vehicle in this category. If you have some type of motorized apparatus for health issues, please let us know before you check-in. 
  • Daytime visitors to registered campers are welcome at no charge. Visitor hours are 9AM – 10PM. Visitors must stop by the office to check-in. There is a 2 visitor limit and visitors are not permitted to bring pets. Campers are not allowed to let in visitors unless authorized by the office.
  • For RV sites; holiday (Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th, Labor Day Weekend) and Martinsville Race Weekends require a 3-day reservation.
  • Be sure that the site you choose is large enough to accommodate your RV / Camper and has the services you want.
Group Tent Camping Sites

We have a group tent camping areas for scouts or other large groups. This site has two picnic tables and two fire rings. More tables and fire rings are available if needed. There is no power or water on the primitive group tent site. Access to the bath house and water is just a short walk away.

These sites are priced per person, per night: $10 for adults and children 6 and older.

This site is fairly large and can easily accommodate 30 to 40 people. Please call to inquire about primitive group tent camping site and availability.

Types Of RV’s / Campers Allowed At Dan River Campground

Safety is very important to us at Dan River Campground and River Adventures. All RV’s that enter Dan River Campground and River Adventuresproperty must be clean (exterior) and in good working condition. In certain cases, we can “exempt” certain older RV’s if they have been restored. Call to discuss an RV exemption. Fire is always a hazard when living quarters are not built correctly and / or in accordance with modern manufacturing standards. Therefore, we do not allow the following;

  • Home made campers, RV’s, vans, trucks, buses, storage/animal trailers converted for use as an indoor living shelter on wheels.
  • All RV’s (travel trailers, fifth wheels, class A/B/C RV’s, truck campers, pop-ups, etc) must be or have been manufactured by an established RV manufacturer. This ensures that the RV was manufactured in accordance with and passed safety standards at the time of manufacture.
Pet Policy

Dogs (limit is two)

Our dog limit is two, not three or four or five. Two dogs. Unfortunately, we have to explicitly state the number of dogs allowed because campers are showing up with well over our two dog limit. A lot of campers like to bring their dogs camping. We understand that pets are part of the family. We are cat people and have two cats and they are precious to us. When campers bring two dogs per campsite, the dog population gets big pretty fast and in some cases, this causes a lot of barking and aggressive behavior when walking dogs. All dogs need to be on a leash at all times (Dog harnesses are preferred for all dog types) while outside of your camper everywhere on the campground, including by the river and walking trails. Unfortunately, no playing fetch with Fido. 

If you are tent camping, then dogs need to be on a leash and securely tethered so your dog cannot infringe on adjacent campsites. It is recommended that dogs inside tents should remain on a leash and tethered so dogs cannot egress the tent. We have had many dogs get out of tents and run around the campground.

Dogs found roaming around the campground is a serious policy violation. Campers will be given one notice to take corrective action. Subsequent violations will lead to vacating the campground immediately. Excessive dog barking will not be tolerated. The owner of barking dogs will be given one notice. Subsequent dog barking will result in being evicted from the campground. One dog continuously barking can disrupt the entire campground and camping experience.

Do not tie dogs to trees or where they can damage trees or other foliage.

We understand that any dog breed can be aggressive, however some breeds are more aggressive than others especially when not trained properly. All dogs entering the campground must be well behaved. Well behaved means:

  1. No incessant barking when you are with them or away from them.
  2. Are aggressive toward other dogs or people.
  3. No constant barking inside of the camper while you are away. Campers are not well insulated and you can easily hear a barking dog inside of a camper.

Dog breeds not allowed: German Sheperd, Rottweiler, Pitbull/Pit Terriers, Siberian Husky, Doberman Pinscher, Chow, Dalmation, Dogo Argentinos, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bullmastiff. Although any dog breed can be aggressive, this list represents the breeds that are the most naturally aggressive if not trained properly.

Clean up after your dog. Not picking up after your pet will result in being evicted from the campground. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or bath house.

While we welcome dogs, we will watch the behavior of all dog breeds and enforce our pet policies, if necessary. 

Aggressive acts by any dog will be means for removal. Campers will be responsible for removing the dog(s) immediately.


While we love all types of animals, we do not allow cats in or on the campground unless they are strictly indoor pets. Outdoor cats are a hazard to themselves and with the natural setting of the campground, there are a lot of predators that may mistake your cat for part of the food chain. In addition, outdoor cats jump on cars and trailers, which your neighbor may not appreciate. Lastly, outdoor cats have a bad habit of not picking up after themselves.

Pets are not permitted in the pool area (within the fence) or bath house.