Tube Prices – Single Tubes: $18 / Double Tubes: $40 (scroll down for more details about tube selection and availability)
Tubing adventure time is approximately: 3 hours, 45 minutes

River Adventure Hours of Operation – Friday, Saturday & Sunday

We anticipate the 2021 river adventure season to be just as busy or busier than last year. Due to an overwhelming demand for tubing and getting outdoors in general, our river adventure schedule has changed slightly. Please look over the new times below;

Tubing Time Slots

Friday & Saturday – Shuttle buses leave:

9:30AM / 11:00AM / 12:30PM and 2:00PM. Last shuttle bus leaves at 2:00PM.

Sunday – Shuttle buses leave:

11:00AM / 12:30PM and 2:00PM. Last shuttle bus leaves at 2:00PM.

You  must arrive 45 minutes BEFORE your scheduled river adventure time. This allows you to park, check-in & sign waivers and get situated with sunscreen, food/drinks, personal belongings, etc. Due to our time schedule, it is imperative that you arrive on-time, so we can maintain our daily schedule. Late arrivals will be pushed to the next time-slot, if there is an opening in the schedule.

Coolers / Food / Alcohol

We ARE NOT floating hard-sided medium & large coolers any longer. We are allowing small to medium soft-sided lunch bags ONLY. If you plan on bringing food/chips/snacks we recommend putting these items into large gallon size Ziploc type plastic bags. This will keep your food dry until you are ready to eat it. While Rockingham County does allow alcohol on the river, we, as a business providing a service, reserve the right to limit the amount of alcohol you can bring on a river adventure. We ask that you use common sense when bringing alcoholic beverages. The sun will magnify the effects of alcohol and impair your ability to safely navigate and get out of the river. People who bring alcohol, usually bring 3 or 4 beverages per person. Open containers are not allowed on Dan River Adventures property or on the shuttle buses. You have to be on the river before alcoholic beverages can be opened.

Due to the nature of the Dan River in this area, it is almost impossible to stop on or along the river or steep river banks. The current is slow but very strong. If you are in the water, you will get carried along by the current so all day tubing adventures or extended float times are not available.

In addition, the river bank(s) in this area are not state parks or public land, almost the entire river bank is private property between the 704 Bridge and Dan River Campground and River Adventures property.

We Do Not Shuttle Personal Tubes – No Exceptions.

Tube Types

Dan River Adventure river tubes are commercial grade river tubes. They are made from heavy duty 30 gauge PVC vinyl and are about 4 times thicker than a “regular” tube that you would normally buy.

  • The blue river tube w/ backrest & cup holder is the tube most people choose. It is big and roomy and offers a comfortable float. Very popular.
  • The blue double river tube w/ backrest is great for whenever two people want to share a tube.
  • The red river tube w/ backrest has a solid bottom for small or young children who may need or want a bottom to sit on. The red river tube is a full size tube (same size as the blue river tube) but the bottom rides slightly high, so you are not “sunk” into the tube. Due to the tube having a bottom, it is more difficult to get back into it if you should fall or get out of the tube than a tube without a bottom.
  • The teal river tube w/ backrest has the same great comfort as the blue river tube, but has a mesh bottom that sits much lower than the red river tube. The mesh bottom allows you to get wet but allows limited storage for small items.
  • The orange river tube has the same great comfort as the blue river tube, but does not have a backrest.

Blue River Tube w/ Backrest & Cup Holder (Most Popular Tube) $18

Blue Double River Tube w/ Backrest & Cup Holders (Popular Tube for Sweethearts) $40

Teal River Tube w/ Mesh Bottom, Backrest & Cup Holder $18

Orange River Tube w/ Cup Holder $18

Red River Tube w/ Solid Bottom & Backrest $18

Rental Policy

When you reserve / book a river adventure you are renting equipment from Dan River Adventures. You are responsible for the equipment until it is returned to us. Equipment may include; tubes, canoes, kayaks, paddles, coolers, tubes for cooler flotation or personal flotation devices (life vest). In the rare event a tube is punctured and deflates, it is your responsibility, if possible, to retain the tube and return it to us.

We understand that accidents happen and that the river is unpredictable. Please read the following guidelines for rental equipment:

  • Damage to equipment due to negligence, cigarettes, tied together tubes, or sharp objects will be billed to individuals accordingly.
  • Customers are responsible for getting the equipment out of the river and up to the top of the river access.
  • Equipment left in the river that floats downstream is considered lost and the customer will be billed accordingly.
  • In most cases, tubes cannot be patched or repaired if the puncture is large. Only very small holes or pin holes can be repaired.
  • We will determine if a tube can be repaired. Single tubes are $30 to replace, double tubes are $35 to replace.
The following measures will apply to all river adventures this 2021 season:
  1. Reservations are required. We will try and accommodate walk-ins, however, our capacity to take people to the public river access is limited, so there may be delays.
  2. New river adventure schedule / times.
  3. Shuttle buses will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each trip. Tubes and equipment will also be cleaned and sanitized.

To help keep us on schedule;

  • Download, sign and bring your waiver(s) with you.
  • Show up a minimum of 45 minutes early to check-in and turn in your waiver(s).
  • If you brought a small soft-sided cooler, pouch or dry water bag, ensure it is packed and ready to go when we give our safety briefing.