Dan River Adventure river tubes are commercial grade river tubes. They are made from heavy duty 30 gauge PVC vinyl and are about 4 times thicker than a “regular” tube that you would normally buy.

Tube Types

  • The blue river tube w/ backrest & cup holder is our “standard” tube most people choose. It is big and roomy and offers a comfortable float.
  • The blue double river tube is great for whenever two people want to share a tube.
  • The red river tube has a solid bottom for small children who may need something to sit on. The red river tube is a full size tube (same size as the blue river tube) and anyone can use it who just wants a bottom. Due to the tube having a bottom, it is more difficult to get back into it if you should fall or get out of the tube than a tube without a bottom.
  • The teal river tube has the same great comfort as the blue river tube, but has a mesh bottom that sits much lower than the red river tube. The mesh bottom allows you to get wet but allows limited storage for small items.
  • The orange river tube w/ cup holder is a fun comfortable tube. We use this tube typically as a “back-up” tube when we run out of blue river tubes. However, a lot of times, people choose this tube for their river adventure.

Blue river tube w/ backrest & cup holder (Standard tube) $18

Blue double river tube w/ backrest & cup holders ($40)

Teal river tube w/ mesh bottom, backrest & cup holder ($18)

Red river tube w/ solid bottom & backrest ($18)

Orange river tube w/ cup holder ($18)

Rental Policy

When you reserve / book a river adventure you are renting equipment from Dan River Adventures. You are responsible for the equipment until it is returned to us. Equipment may include; tubes, canoes, kayaks, paddles, coolers, tubes for cooler flotation or personal flotation devices (life vest). In the rare event a tube is punctured and deflates, it is your responsibility, if possible, to retain the tube and return it to us.

We understand that accidents happen and that the river is unpredictable. Damage to equipment due to negligence, cigarettes, tied together tubes, or sharp objects will be billed to individuals accordingly. Customers are responsible for getting the equipment out of the river and up to the top of the river access. Equipment left in the river that floats downstream is considered lost and the customer will be billed accordingly.