Camping Information (Updated 1/14/22)

Spring & Summer Camping Season Will Begin March 17th, 2022.

**Memorial Weekend is Almost Fully Booked and July 4th Weekend is Already Fully Booked**

Campground Is Currently Closed For Weekday, Weekend & Weekly Camping.

If You Are Looking For A Monthly / Extended-Stay Campsite, See Below.

Camping Office Hours Fall / Winter (November 1st ~ March 17th) – Campground and office will be closed (except for monthly campers). No campground drive thru’s or foot traffic when the campground is closed. 
Monthly Camping / Fall – Winter – We are accepting bookings / reservations for monthly / extended-stay camping. If you need a campsite for a month or more, please email us at: During the fall / winter, we transition the campground toward monthly camping until the spring / summer season.  Note, we are not a mobile home or trailer park, we do not offer permanent residency. We offer monthly / extended stay campsites for people who are temporarily working in the area from 1 month to 12 months, and depending on the job requirements, maybe longer.   
** Please NoteDue to an overwhelming response to camp, please review our cancellation / refund policy BEFORE booking a campsite.  If you have to cancel, we strictly adhere to our cancellation policy. In addition, we do not give refunds for checking-out or leaving early. 

WiFi / Satellite / Local TVBeing “connected” is a part of everyday life nowadays. However, due to our remote rural location, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) only offers a limited bandwidth connection for internet service. Due to this limitation, Dan River Campground WiFi is limited to general web browsing and email on laptops, phones and tablets. There is not enough bandwidth (i.e. speed) for video streaming. Smart TV’s and video streaming devices will not work when connected to our campground WiFi. If you need to stream video, we recommend using your phone as a WiFi “hotspot”.  Some campsites have a clear view of the southwest sky so you can receive satellite signals from DISH & DirectTV.  In addition, a lot of local channels can be received if you have a high definition TV antenna on top of your RV/camper.

We are open and operating normally with minimal restrictions. However, we do ask that when you come camping, to limit bath house use. The bath house is obviously a communal area and it is a challenge to keep it clean and sanitary when campers use it constantly. Even though we have suspended tent camping, we still get a fair amount of pop-up campers, which is still considered tent camping from a bath house use stand point.

** Tent Camping  – Due to COVID-19, we have suspended tent camping. (NO TENT CAMPING IS AVAILABLE). At this time, we have not decided if we will bring tent camping back for 2022 or at all. Tent camping has the ability to overwhelm the bath house and it is a challenge to keep the bath house sanitary during a pandemic. Tent camping IS NOT allowed on RV campsites. DO NOT book an RV campsite with the intention of setting up tents on the RV campsite.
Please visit our Reservations page to book an RV campsite. Camping for more than 7 days cannot be completed online, you must call the office: (336) 427-8530.

Please leave a message during closed office hours / after hours and we will return your call promptly.

Camping Only : (336) 427-8530

724 Webster Rd, Stoneville NC 27048

Dan River Campground and River Adventures is owned & operated by Nick and Anne Soudas


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