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We are closed for the Fall & Winter Seasons for week-day/week-end/weekly camping. We will reopen March 29th 2024 for the 2024 camping season.

However, we are open for monthly/extended stay camping through the Fall & Winter Season, click here for more information.

Online reservations for 2024 can be made at anytime during the fall & winter by clicking on the red “Reservation” tab.

Please visit our Reservations page to book an RV campsite. Camping for more than 7 days cannot be completed online, you must call the campground office: (336) 427-8530.

Note – Tent Camping

Tent camping is extremely limited due to the amount of pop-up and other small towed “campers” (with no bathroom facilities) that are being booked. Camping with these type of campers is tent camping and it is challenging to keep our bath house clean & sanitary with so many people using the bath house.

There is only one tent campsite available at any given time. For large groups (scouts, church groups, etc) we have a primitive group tent camping area.

For tent campsite availability & booking, please send us an email to:

Tent campsites cannot be booked online.

Please leave a message during closed office hours / after hours and we will return your call promptly.

Camping Inquiries: (336) 427-8530

Dan River Campground

724 Webster Rd, Stoneville NC 27048

Dan River Campground is owned & operated by Nick and Anne Soudas